Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Not Everyone Can Climb a Tree Many people have gone through our education system believing they are stupid when in fact the schools have failed to teach and assess them in the manner they are best suited to. How we learn and how we are assessed in retaining lessons is key to a productive and inclusive society. In the past, rote learning was the primary method of teaching and assessments were based on how much knowledge the student could recite. Currently, other methods are additionally employed to improve creativity and connection to information and retention is measured by benchmarks and expected developmental stages. However, with weaknesses attributed to both methods, a more inclusive method that incorporates positive aspects of all types of learning and teaches in the way that works best for each individual would be preferable. A blended learning method would be the best because it combines the acquisition of knowledge from rote learning with the creative problem solving connections from prior knowledge learned in creative play and adds critical thinking skills or the ability to assess the value of information. Assessments would be based on the kind of learner each person is and how the students master concepts and essential skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and decision-making. This kind of learning would focus on understanding how individuals learn best and then using that type of learning as the primary tool for teaching that individual. In this way, students who excel in artistic endeavors would not have their intelligence assessed by how well they determine the biochemical structure of the latest new polycarbonate molecule and no one would go through life thinking they are stupid. Historically ..., which I think is the cost of the development of this learning style and the assessment. The cost would be a big factor in the decision to go ahead with this kind of learning in the classroom or not. In the past, learning was limited to rote memorization and recitation, which resulted in a noticeable segment being bored or turned off by academics, believing they were not smart enough to learn anything. More recently new learning methods have been employed that incorporate play into learning and is more student directed rather than teacher directed. While this method employs additional learning skills it still lacks a critical thinking component. Blended learning employs the best of rote and creative learning while adding the ability to assess the value of information as well. Learning is based on methods that are best suited for each individual student.

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