Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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John C. Maxwell once wrote, â€Å"Leadership is the power of one harnessing the power of many.† Rousseau, in The Social Contract Theory writes that leadership is necessary to create law. A leader must have the ability to provide for all, no matter the case. Thus, they must have the â€Å"power of many† in order to understand the will of the people. A population cannot create laws for itself without guidance from some higher power. An effective leader must be able to harness the power of many in order to create effective laws and rules for the collective good. Rousseau uses several examples of worthy leaders in order to prove that quality leadership determines fair law in Book II, Chapter VI: THE LAW. In particular, he discusses the role of God, legislators, and guides. First, the efficiency of lawmaking will be discussed, then the reasons law is essential, next the characteristics per Rousseau of an ideal lawmaker, and finally the best type of leader or guide will be debated. Many things have changed since Rousseau’s time, however the need for a leader to determine fair law has remained the same, and will continue to be a large part of governments and societies. Rousseau describes the efficiency of lawmaking, saying: â€Å"So long as men are content to attach to this word only metaphysical ideas, they will continue to debate without being understood† (p.178). Rousseau is essentially arguing that the relationship between the number of leaders and the productivity of those leaders is an inverse one: the more leaders, the less accomplished. This is why it is necessary to have one strong leader instead of having the whole of the people lead the people. The difference between decrees and laws is the difference between States and republics. R... ...lways right. A guide who is able to enlighten the general public and create laws is a true asset to the population because of a leader’s ability to view objects and situations without a personal perspective. This is why there is always â€Å"need of a legislator.† Some leaders believe that they are held to lesser standards than their people. This is one problem with putting certain people in charge of the rest of the community. However, laws apply to everyone, including those who make them. This is why there is a separate party that enforces the law, to create equality for all. This is why leaders and guides are beneficial for a community. In order to maintain a fair society, there is need for legislators who are subjected to the laws they create. Without guides, the laws would not be effective or fair to all, and the State would not obtain the status as a republic.

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