Friday, October 4, 2019

Going to a Foreign Country Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Going to a Foreign Country - Essay Example It is always difficult for one to go to a foreign land and spend time away from family and friends. But then again there are some decisions in life which require sacrifice of the highest order. If I ever go abroad to pursue higher education, I would face difficulty in the beginning coping up with the norms and behaviors of the society in which I have stepped into as well as dearly miss my friends and family members. However I realize that this is a short phase which would occur mostly in the starting and with things settling down, I will feel all at ease within the foreign country. In the pursuit of knowledge, I am ready to undertake such a visit to a foreign country but I know this beforehand that I would come back to serve my own motherland so that my country benefits from my education and related experience that I have gained in the foreign country. I have made it a point to dedicate myself whole-heartedly towards studies once I land in the foreign country. I would not indulge in acts which are unbecoming of a student and devote all my energies towards something constructive. I would find ways to interact with my peers and ask them for their help if ever I drop into some problem. I will proactively help my mates without their even asking for the same. I would make a schedule for myself so that I could study within my free time and also understand a little about the culture of the foreign country. I would communicate with people in their own language so that they feel I am a part of them.

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