Monday, October 7, 2019

Substance Abuse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Substance Abuse - Essay Example The reach of substance abuse also extends to schools, communities, health and welfare agencies, the justice systems and to society at large. We all shoulder the costs (Beverly Conyers, 2003). Children of substance abusers suffer the most, from direct effects on their physical and mental health to influences on their own use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs. The family's role in the development and results of substance abuse is unique: it suffers some of the direst consequences and holds the potential of the most powerful protective influences against it. A focus on families is critical to understanding and preventing the destructive intergenerational cycle of substance abuse and addiction. Alcoholism and drug abuse often are referred to as family diseases because the serious negative consequences of addiction and the importance of recovery affect not only the substance abuser but also all members of the family. There are certain reasons as to why people start substance abuse (Pauline G. Boss, 2001). Parents and family members can have an enormous positive impact on children's substance-use decisions and behavior. No protection is absolute, but parents hold the greatest number of tools and have the greatest opportunity to shape children's choices when it comes to trying and continuing to use cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. People are spending more years unmarried. ... Increase in divorce The recent trend shows that the number of divorce have increased over time. Parental divorce can have an important impact on a child's risk for substance use. For example, teens with divorced parents are 50 percent likelier to drink alcohol than teens with married parents. Increase in single parent families Children who grow up in two-parent homes are at lower risk for any kind of drug abuse than children who grow up in single parent homes. Families today are equally likely or more likely to be comprised of childless couples with two careers, single parent families or cohabiting couples with children than they are of the 'typical' family of years past. Increase in Economic disadvantage The financial condition of a family can lead a person to substance abuse. The increase in single-parent families has served to broaden the economic inequality across households, often with single-mothers comprising the poorer end of this spectrum. However its still not clear that the relationship between substance abuse and economic condition is very strong. To fit in a group of friends Children or teens when moving around places and cities due to the professional life of a parent or due to any other reason, make new friends everywhere. The new friends might be doing substance abuse hence to fit in with them the children have to be like them that is to do substance abuse otherwise they are not included in the group. Peer pressure Peer pressure is a major reason for children doing substance abuse. The peers call children names and tease them about not doing substance abuse. The children usually don't like being called names and being teased by others. Hence to prove the others

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