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Personal Selling Essay -- essays research papers

Index 1. The Organization: What it is and what itdoes 2. The Products and services marketed 3. The role of personal selling in the promotional mix 4. A description of the salesperson’s job 5. The selling process SRCC TRADING DEPARTMENT 1: The Organization: what it is and what it does The Trading Department is the preferred supplier of Agricultural Chemicals, Fertilizer, Packhouse and General Farming Requisites in the Sundays river Valley. Mission: The Trading Department supply and sell Agricultural Chemicals, Fertilizer, Packhouse Material and General Farming Requisites to Citrus Growers and Private Packhouses in the Sundays river Valley. A knowledge-able ,skilled, trained and motivated staff who are focus on excellent client-service by ensuring competitive prices on products, stock availability and technical advice . The objective of the Trading Department. The primary objective of the Trading Department is to assist the shareholders of the Company in maximizing the profits of their farming operations. The secondary objectives of the Trading Department are: †¢ Economic efficiency. †¢ Good Image. †¢ Maximum client support. †¢ Growth and development. In Conclusion: The management of the Trading Department must on a continuing and long term basis stay focused on providing farming requisites and in so doing assist in keeping production costs of the farming units as low as possible. The Trading Department must strive to achieve its secondary goals to make this possible. 2: The Products/Services marketed †¢ The long-term objectives of the Trading Department are dependent on determining the needs and wants of the citrus-growers, private pack houses and other target markets and satisfying these more effectively than our competitors . †¢ The Trading Department follows the relationship perspective on marketing - consumer retention, consumer loyalty and consumer service ( or service quality). †¢ Regular (every alternative month) memos and circulars will be posted to our customers to motivate and to restrict their ... support needs." The presentation is more about establishing a relationship—as a growing account .If there is no sale or order at the end of the presentation, at least leave knowing why not. Is there some reason why we can't take care of this right now?" Agreeing on the next step is as good as any order once the presentation is done. "Never leave without some kind of agreement as to where the customer-seller relationship is going [next appointment, calls to be made]," Also, knowing when to leave is important. "Once you ask for, and receive the order, it is appropriate to leave. Just say thank you and move on. You don't want to outlast your welcome." But sales managers and some salespeople haven't realized that the decision-making time has lengthened. "The customers don't want to make their decisions until they are absolutely sure. After the presentation, most salespeople just give up too soon. Manage the process of keeping in touch with the prospective customer. Because when they do decide to make a buy, and you happen to be off their radar, they'll go to the next person. Not managing your follow through is how sales are lost."

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